Communication is Key...Literally!

Communication is a very important skill to have in the professional world. It can absolutely make or break a realtor's business or a client's real estate transaction. Research says only 7% of communication is verbal, which means that 93% of what's said is received and interpreted based on how it's said. This also means that there is a lot of room for miscommunication. Unfortunately, I've noticed this is a huge problem that many consumers face while in the process of buying and selling homes.

One area where many experience this issue is during the signing of contracts. It's very easy to send a contract to a client and tell them to sign and initial, but does that client understand what he/she is signing? One thing I do is go over every section of the agreement with the client before any offer is sent or any listing is taken. This is to ensure they not only hear what each section is for but they understand as well. This also gives clients the opportunity to ask questions before anything is signed and ensures there is no miscommunication. Further down the line during negotiations, realtors should always explain each offer to clients as well. This, again, is to ensure they fully understand the terms and stipulations of the offer. A misunderstanding can lead to costly repairs, which then can lead to complaints and lawsuits.

The process of buying and selling homes can be a long and complicated process. It's important to have a great realtor who communicates effectively so the process can be simplified and the deal can be successful. Poor communication between clients and their realtors can be the difference between a painful trip to the court room or a buyer getting those keys to their dream home and for everyone's sake, I sincerely hope it's the latter.


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