How to Stage Your Home for a Successful Open House

As soon as you list for your home for sale, your role immediately changes from homeowner to homeseller. This shift in mindset is hard for some people, but it’s important to take yourself out of the equation and start focusing on how to make your home appeal to as many people as possible. Holding an open house, and staging your home as part of the process, is a highly effective way to increase traffic and show buyers that your home is the perfect place for them.

Why Stage and Hold an Open House?

Your goal is to get your home sold quickly and for the price you want. Most homes for sale in Dallas, TX, stay on the market for 44 days and receive one offer. Holding an open house and properly staging your home beforehand can help you sell sooner by getting more buyers in the door while highlighting all your home has to offer. Staging involves cleaning, putting your home’s best features forward, and depersonalizing to create a feeling of home for potential buyers.

General Staging Checklist

  • Make Your Home Spotless - Cleaning to sell your home goes beyond your day-to-day clean. You want your home to be spotless throughout, so this is the time to go the extra mile - deep cleaning carpets, windows, baseboards, and all those spots that are easy to overlook.

  • Clear Clutter - Once your home is sparkling clean, it also needs to be clear of clutter. This includes the everyday stuff that ends up on countertops as well as extra furniture pieces. You certainly don’t want any room to feel empty, but eliminating a few furniture pieces can make a room feel bigger. After removing personal knicknacks, decorate each room with just a few simple accessories for a warm and elegant feel.

  • Make Every Room Serve a Function - You want buyers to envision how they would use each space, so set up every room to reflect its purpose. For example, if you have a bedroom that you use for something else, setting up a bed will help buyers visualize how their furniture would fit.

  • Organize Closets and Storage - When people come to the open house, assume they will open closets and other storage spaces. The Balance recommends arranging everything neatly so that buyers are impressed by how well you maintain the home. Plus, if buyers open a closet and everything is a mess, they will assume there isn’t enough storage space.

  • Fixes and Facelifts - If anything is broken or unsightly that has been on your to-do list, now is the time to make those repairs. Patching holes and scratches, painting over stains on walls, and general repairs are easy fixes that are simple but necessary. Along the same lines, if cabinets are in good shape but the style is outdated, give them a facelift by painting or replacing cabinet doors and hardware.

Before the Open House

  • Spruce Up Your Yard - Curb appeal is a huge factor in the impression your home makes on buyers. A complete landscaping overhaul isn’t necessary, but pretty close to the time of your open house, be sure to take care of basic yard maintenance, including mowing, picking up debris, and getting rid of weeds. Planting seasonal flowers and adding some potted plants to the front entrance is a simple way to add color and a feeling of hominess to make your home stand out.

  • Lighten Up - Having plenty of lighting is another strategy for making your home feel welcoming. HGTV recommends having three types of lighting in each room: ambient light, task light (such as pendants over work spaces), and accent light (table lamps and wall sconces).

When you take these steps to make your home feel welcoming and appealing, you transform your home from what it means to you into a space where buyers get a feel for what it will mean to them. It may help to look at this process of staging as the first step toward your goal of selling. Doing this will set you up for a successful open house and the sale you’re looking for.

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